As the director of European Learning Centre, I am pleased to welcome you to our website through which we will provide you with a way to not only describe our work program and activities but also to keep you abreast of the changes and topicality of our centre.

I hope the information we provide through this website is useful, however do not hesitate to contact us or visit us to have a direct experience of our way of working and our philosophy.

A very warm greeting

– Juan Carlos Ortiz Ordoñez (Director)


European Learning Centre is a company dedicated to non-regulated training. This company has more than 20 years of experience in the sector, covering the needs of the region. The main areas of action are:

Teaching English:

For this we have teachers both Spanish and native English.

Occupational Training Courses for unemployed:

This centre belongs to the network of collaborating centres of the Government of Andalusia, so that we offer various occupational training courses annually for the unemployed.

Programmed Training Courses by Companies:

This centre has the necessary skills to be able to manage and give courses dependent on FUNDAE (State Foundation for Training in Employment).


From the outset, the European Learning Centre has been an educational organization which, from the direction of the centre, the head of studies, teachers, tutors, administrative staff and employees, is at the service of students to guarantee them quality teaching, Each subject and with a personalized attention for each student.

European Learning Centre since its inception has been an educational centre recognized by both the people and the press. Recognition is justified, as the European Learning Centre updates its resources on a day-to-day basis from promotions that benefit both workers and the unemployed (the latter with a commitment to hire). There are many advantages offered by the European Learning Centre, but in this section we are not going to count them all, since you will discover them throughout this web.


European Learning Centre and Multimedia English have obtained the recognition of the whole mountain range of Cadiz from its beginnings and that we can demonstrate it. The media have always been aware of our proposals and our news and these have been disseminated both in audiovisual form and in print.

Not a few mentions of ELC (MULTIMEDIA ENGLISH ACADEMY) in the newspaper or on the radio, the news is still there, we still announce ourselves on the radio, newspaper, etc … Although we are not always the ones who announce ourselves, other sometimes we have been looking for a radio or newspaper, because the quality of our training has also been news headline.

Hopefully everything will continue as before and with a good team work, this company will continue to grow.


Juan Carlos Ortíz Ordoñez

Remedios Angulo Ordoñez

Cristina Cañamaque Villarte







Mari Carmen






Our academy not only teaches, it also learns, it gets involved, it participates … in diverse projects at European level of diverse nature (social, methodology, solidarity, new teaching methods). Due to this, our list of projects and activities grows every year, in order to materialize it in a good service for our students. LEARN MORE…

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