Since the Multimedia English academy began operating in 1995, we have had as main objective to provide the best training and services possible for teaching English. We were the first centre to give applications to new technologies in language teaching.

According to the etymology of the name of the academy, “many media” (Multimedia) meant abandoning the traditional idea of teaching through a textbook and approach the methodology in practical activities that were stimulant and therefore more effective . This was achieved initially with the introduction of computers in our classrooms, being an integral but not exclusive part of our teaching method. We were, in fact, one of the first centres at the national level to give applications to new technologies in language teaching.


Sharing location with Multimedia English Academy, we offer our training services for companies and occupational training.



Welcome Institute opened its doors as a training centre in Arcos de la Frontera in 1999. As our name suggests, Welcome wanted to welcome them to a centre dedicated to teaching English using the new technologies that joined the teaching staff were an effective system and innovative for our locality.

Together with our centres in Ubrique and Bornos, we are proud to have the best facilities and have maintained during these years a formal and legalized program with highly qualified teachers, qualified and experienced natives.

Welcome Institute, our centre in Arcos, is located at Hoya nº 1. We have 6 classrooms, meeting room, library, multimedia room and 4 toilets.

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