EUROPEAN LEARNING CENTRE offers a wide variety of language courses for all types of areas, being the Anglo-Saxon language our speciality. Multimedia English Academy has been teaching English for more than 20 years at all levels, from the youngest to the oldest.


Since our beginning, in addition to teaching, Multimedia English has been dedicated to the translation sector. Our translators have a wide and competent professional curriculum, coming from Spain and natives.

All of them are highly qualified to face any kind of English, French and / or German translation.


In EUROPEAN LEARNING CENTRE you will not only be able to learn any language, but also you will be able to certify your level by choosing the exam style you prefer. The main certifications that we offer in our academy are based on exams of “Cambridge English” and “Trinity College London” for English, besides “DELF – DALF” (French) and GOETHE (German).


In your first years of life, your child’s brain is like a sponge. That is why language experts encourage children to start learning other languages as soon as possible.

Bilingualism not only improves attention, but serves as a mental training and helps to exercise the memory of the little ones. “During the first four years of life is when more neural connections are generated. This period, in which the child’s brain is formed, is perfect to feed him with information and linguistic stimuli, “explains Dr. Manuel Pedrosa, neurosurgeon at the Princesa Hospital in Madrid.

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