If you have come this far, you know, or are interested in, what permaculture is and the opportunities it offers to those who get involved. This approach to land treatment and philosophy includes mechanisms and solutions that natural ecosystems themselves produce for a sustainable growth system. At ELC we are developing a permaculture project on our farm and home. We are trying to build a small home community setting to house some of our teachers and other helpers, in exchange for a few hours of daily work.

We are looking for nature lovers willing to immerse themselves in a rural area of ​​southern Spain. The project on the farm is an approach to the principles of permaculture. We have a design that has been developing for the past few years. Our goal is to establish a food production system capable of feeding the people who live on the farm. These people will learn all of these skills in the mornings while working in the afternoons as professional ESL teachers and earning a monthly salary.

If you want more information, contact us or keep reading about the possibilities of getting involved in our Workaway page.