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Educational Travel in Spain

We offer University Instructor-led Study Abroad, High School, Adult, and Educator travel.

Sevilla Cathedral

Paella lunch at ELC Director's home

We’re setting ourselves a world apart…

  • Small-group travel experiences
  • Packages or customized travel
  • Visits to famous cities and sites
  • Experience Spain’s natural beauty
  • Intensive Spanish immersions or enrichment experiences
  • Time to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle off the beaten tourist path
  • Interact meaningfully within local lifestyle and culture of Ubrique
  • ELC Director and ELC Educational Travel Program Coordinator lead all groups

Granada: La Alhambra


Madrid: El Retiro Park

Ubrique: El Bosque River Walk

Ubrique: International teachers at ELC director's home

Madrid: El Prado


Sevilla: Caplilla Virgen del Carmen at Bridge to Triana