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Why Visit Ubrique

  • It’s one of the beautiful Pueblos Blancos, in Andalucía, in sunny Southern Spain
  • It’s a safe town, where friendly locals are always ready and eager to strike up a conversation with travelers
  • Visiting Ubrique is like stepping back in time to a place where children are still raised in the out-of-doors, by the people in the ‘village’ and can safely wander the pedestrian streets, such as the “Avenida de España” without constant parental supervision
  • It’s surrounded by two natural parks
  • It boasts Roman ruins and a Roman road, numerous scenic hiking trails and outdoor adventures, close proximity to other Pueblos Blancos, and many types of local artisan factories, such as cheese, olive oil, wine, leather goods, etc., as well as local organic farm facilities growing produce and raising goats and sheep, where our visitors can have a truly hands-on experience with small entrepreneurs whose families’ lives have depended on natural resources for centuries
  • It’s located just 1.5 hours from the city and beaches of Cádiz and from Sevilla allowing us to offer day trips to these locations, and it’s close enough to facilitate various multi-day excursions to cities and sites of interest such as Córdoba, Granada, Madrid, the Costa del Sol, and even a possible day trip to Tangier (Morocco, Africa).
  • We can also offer other excursion options at your request
  • For geographical reasons Ubrique has managed to avoid becoming a popular tourist destination, so it’s a great place to experience an unspoiled Mediterranean lifestyle
  • Because Ubrique’s economy isn’t driven by tourism, it’s the perfect place for a Spanish immersion, if language learning is a focus of your travel
  • Ultimately, given the wealth of cultural and educational, as well as recreational opportunities in and nearby Ubrique, we believe that it’s the best choice for a home base for an unforgettable Spanish experience