For Active Workers

What is subsidized training for companies?

Subsidized training, also known as scheduled training or continuous training, is subsidized training that allows companies to provide their workers with training related to the activity of their company.

This training is free for workers and does not entail a cost for companies since the training action is subject to subsidies in Social Security contributions.

EUROPEAN LEARNING CENTER, as the organizer, manager and provider of training programmed by the Companies in Ubrique, is already in a position to ensure that companies can use their training credit at no cost to them or their employees, taking EUROPEAN in charge LEARNING CENTER of the processing of all the necessary documentation to benefit from your training credit, advising you against any questions that may arise and taking care of the training of your company’s staff.


  • 1. The training action is organized (contents, materials, duration, schedules …)

  • 2. Training is provided
  • 3. After the training action, EUROPEAN LEARNING CENTER delivers an invoice to the subsidized company.
  • 4. The month following the completion of the training action, your company deducts in box 601 “Bonuses / Subsidies” the amount shown on the invoice. ELC is in charge of processing all this management with its agency.
  • 5. Make the payment to EUROPEAN LEARNING CENTER for the amount of the invoice.

  • 6. Accounting in a separate account or specific heading of the accounting under the name “professional training for employment”.
  • 7. Keep your invoices.



What do you need?

To discount any training it will be necessary that you send us:

  • Completed registration form

  • Adhesion form

  • Head of your last payroll

  • Photocopy of your ID

Send us all this documentation by email or the following form: